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A tectonic shift is happening as the entire digital economy starts moving to blockchain, the technology powering the new internet, a better internet — one that holds the promise of a fair and equal-access economy for everyone. But we are facing a major problem threatening this vision from becoming a reality: either every API service that powers the current world of software must become blockchain-enabled or we have to re-build it all from scratch, throwing away decades of progress and cutting-off blockchain’s potential for creating the decentralized future we envision.

AIKON (pronounced “icon”) is transforming the $2.2 Trillion API economy into blockchain-enabled decentralized services “dServices” and making them accessible in the world’s first decentralized API marketplace. We are building a token-based ecosystem that incentivizes developers, fosters worldwide collaboration and provides equal opportunity for the people building the decentralized future — regardless of location, background, or access to banks or credit cards. This is the promise of decentralization and it is our mission to make that dream a reality. #buildthefuture

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