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What is boid?

Boid is the first decentralized computing project built on the EOS protocol. We aim at democratizing the adoption of distributed computing and blockchain technologies by allowing anyone to contribute with their devices spare computing capacity, generating rewards for themselves or their preferred charity in a social and cooperative community.

How does that work?

Users download the app on their PCs and make part of their CPU and GPU available to scientific research projects or cryptocurrency mining, generating profits (around 0.8USD per day) that they can keep or donate to different NGOs that are associated with the platform.

Are there examples of projects that utilize this technology in a similar way?

Unicef has recently launched a campaign in Australia to raise funds. One of the main issues during the campaign was the complexity to participate, similarly to most Decentralized Computing projects, users were expected a basic level of coding to install and execute the application. At boid we are determined to change this and make the technology accesible to a wider audience.

What kind of NGOs and IGOs will be partnering with us?

We want to include as many and diverse charitable projects as possible. Some of our partners include ZanaLife, a hybrid healthcare and girls education NGO that is working to helping young women stay in school and reach their potential and Give Directly, an NGO that transfers donations directly to the recipient electronically via their phone.

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