Bonnum Network

Bonnum Network

Crypto and Basic Income for the Bottom Billions

Bonnum Network will make cryptocurrencies accessible and useful for the 4 Billion poorest people around the world by using geolocalization + Biometrics + Decentralized and Autonomous basic income Communities.

Make Basic Income Universal

There is a growing scientific consensus that direct cash transfers to people in need are cost-effective and impactful way to help them. Our goal with Bonnum Network is to create the last mile delivery infrastructure and allow donors from around the world to create decentralized and autonomous communities that can choose the geographies and conditions of the beneficiaries they want to distribute the cash assistance to.

The user is in control

The user is in control and can decide whether they will cash out in fiat, make transactions in crypto or HODL.

Made for the Bottom Billions

We will use biometrics for the authentication so users can create accounts, make transactions or to check balances in third party smartphones or tablets. So, even if the user does not own a smartphone, he/she can use Bonnum in a merchantĀ“s hardware.

Transparency and accountability

Anyone with internet access can see in real time statistics and information about the cash assistance distributed which is registered in the Blockchain.

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