Welcome to Carmel

The Decentralized Open Source Tech Education Platform that helps aspiring and seasoned Software Developers grow their skill set and track their growth through tokenized peer challenges.

Decentralized Education

Carmel is architected as a Decentralized Community of Teachers and Students, with absolutely no dependency on a central third party authority. With Carmel, developers are in charge of their own learning journey and they decide what’s best for the community as a whole.

Hands-On Learning Experience

Carmel is designed as a radical departure from the typical video-based lecture model, as it provides a learning experience much closer to how professional software developers learn on an on-going basis, rather than mirroring how computer science is taught in a traditional classroom setting.

Tokenized Growth Tracking

The Carmel microlearning approach means that the material is smaller and easier to produce and to consume. The peer approach ensures that the content can be produced in a scalable way, as the network increases. And the tokenized challengesallow for fine-grained tracking of progress.

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