As modern society has progressed, people have become more sedentary. With the advances in modernization and technology, people have become accustomed to having most of their daily needs met with very little physical activity. A 100 years ago, most people had to spend a large part of their day engaged in physical work and activities, such active lifestyles naturally led to people being more physically fit. As we have advanced technologically, people are now much less active, this decrease in physical activity has led to a massive increase in a multitude of health issues including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, muscle degeneration, osteoporosis, back and neck pain, depression and early morbidity.

One of the most effective ways for people to combat the ill effects of their sedentary lifestyles and long days in offices is to spend time in their local fitness clubs and gyms engaged in physical activity. These clubs and gyms contain all the tools, equipment, amenities and coaching that people need to stay fit and healthy. But, as useful as these fitness clubs and gyms may be, people often lack the motivation and consistency to obtain and maintain the physically fit shape that they desire. The CHALLENGE DAPP plans on changing this by developing a new, cutting-edge system built with the use of Blockchain technology to help incentivize players and their friends and family to obtain and maintain their fitness goals.


Blockchain has increasingly become more popular over the last few years. Since the technology’s birth with Bitcoin, back in 2009, the technology has captured the imagination of all that have studied it. The technology’s wide range of use cases have left people stunned and in awe of its potential and seemingly endless possible use cases. With all of the interest in the space, many critics have down played the technology’s potential, suggesting that perhaps the technology has been over- hyped and lacks any practical uses. We believe this simply is not the case! We believe that we are now only beginning to see and understand the infinite use cases of Blockchain!
The CHALLENGE DAPP aims to solve both of these problems. We plan on building cutting edge technology, built on EOS Blockchain, which will help encourage and incentivize players to both get and stay in shape. The CHALLENGE DAPP is a decentralized fitness reward and game platform. The DAPPdraws upon token economics and smart contract technology to allow players to create fun interact challenges with friends, family and sponsors. The platform will be easily downloadable and built for mass adoption. For a limited time players will receive free CHALLENGE tokens for downloading the DAPP. They will also have the ability to upload value via cash apps and crypto like BTC and ETH, after which they can use their value to create and stack in their challenges with their friends, family and sponsors.

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