Powerful Private Wallet

Users privately store assets in their own wallets issued by EOSDAQ, significantly lowering the risk or hacking and theft.

Safe Storage

Only the owner of asset can access and store his or her Private Key. Users can safely protect their assets from theft.

Transparent Transaction Record

All transactions are recorded on the EOS blockchain via EOSDAQ’s smart contract. Users can check their transaction records at any moment.


World’s Fastest Decentralized Exchange

The EOS blockchain enables users to experience fast transaction, even when there is a high traffic volume.

Fast Transaction

EOS creates a block every 0.5 seconds and processes 10,000 transactions every second. By far, EOSDAQ is the fastest decentralized exchange in the world.

Stability of Transaction Speed

EOSDAQ maintains transaction speed in a stable manner by staking sufficient EOS resources, including RAM, CPU and Bandwidth.

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