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Insights Network

Our mission is to create a trustless decentralized market research network for the masses

For years the data brokerage industry has been completely broken. Over $200 Billion of data is exchanged each year in an unfair and non-transparent way. In the present day, data brokers collect data on individuals around the world from a wide array of sources, both online and oline. The data is packaged into profiles, which they sell to organizations who can use them to make decisions that impact the lives of ordinary people without them ever being aware of it.

But consumers, who are actually driving the industry, do not share in the profit. Simultaneously, they experience many negative consequences as a result. Centrally managed databases allow hackers to steal large amounts of personally identifying information in just one attack, which allows for large-scale identity theft and fraud.

Insights Network is building a secure infrastructure for decentralized data exchange, that allows individuals and organizations to exchange data in a trustworthy, compliant, and mutually beneficial way.

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