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KARMA is a grassroots start-up founded to revolutionize the way humans interact with each other. KARMA is a community of individuals who believe in helping mankind one action at a time and incentivizing those actions. Quickly gaining the attention of the EOS community, KARMA is a Decentralized Application built on EOSIO that is set to deploy an MVP in Q3 of 2018.

World Problems

Apart from the personal “Karma” one might receive from the ether, there isn’t a tremendous amount of incentive to do good in a world of scarce resources. For billions of people around the globe, opportunities to earn an income are slim. Beyond those scarce opportunities, even fewer of them add tremendous value to the communities in which the individuals live. The KARMA community believes that if basic human needs are met, it is in our DNA to interact positively with one another.


The KARMA App built on EOSIO, solves these problems by incentivizing users to do good actions in the world, post them and receive KARMA by other users up-voting their post. KARMA creates a positive feedback loop between beneficial human interactions and a tokenized incentive. The actions KARMA incentivizes will create an exponential effect of good in the world amongst individuals living in communities. Every single day billions of humans interact with one another. Broadly speaking, the majority of these interactions are positive. Creating a reward system for these actions thru tokenization will be the fuel needed for the exponential growth of human good towards one another

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