How Paytomat works

Paytomat connects all participants in transparent and reliable system and serves as a one-stop hub for seamless interaction between the blockchain ecosystem and the real world


  • Pays with any crypto
  • Receives loyalty rewards and discounts for choosing to pay in crypto


  • Accepts variety of cryptocurrencies
  • Chooses a desirable split between fiat money and crypto in web control panel
  • Receives rewards in crypto for accepting this form of payment
  • Gains new returning customers

POS Provider

  • Enhances client possibilities, participates in fee distribution

Cryptocurrency Team

  • Increases cryptocurrency liquidity and demand for the coin
  • Encourages community to grow crypto payment industry

Regional Franchisee

  • Owns 49% in Paytomat regional company
  • Works with merchants, POS providers, fiat gateways, local community to offer cryptocurrency

Fiat Gateway

  • Converts crypto to fiat
  • Makes settlements to merchants in their local currency

Each member of the Paytomat ecosystem benefits and fuels its growth. Fees from each transaction are distributed between all participants. Paytomat operates with zero fee for merchants and POS cutting out the middlemen

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