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Global Crypto Holdings Inc. is an InfoSec, Fintech and Consulting company focused on innovative Blockchain solutions for the financial service industry. Global Crypto Holdings (GCH) specializes in emerging decentralized crypto capital markets, insurance, digital asset security and regulatory compliance.

This White Paper describes the core concepts behind TundraX, a High Performance Social Trading Decentralized Exchange.

TundraX main features are:

  • Reliability: TundraX operates on the EOS.IO blockchain utilizing the Delegated Proof of stake-Byzantine Fault Tolerant (DPoS-BFT) consensus algorithm running on 21 high performance block producing nodes. These democratically delegated witness nodes provide a-synchronistic BFT, throughput of over 100k transactions per second (TPS) and zero-server downtime.
  • High Liquidity: a matching engine pulls trades from market order books running at decentralized trading pools. Multiple order books offer quick matching of trades and allow a highly liquid market for trade matching and execution. Trading pools are implemented as EOS.IO blockchain nodes.
  • High Performance: the core platform is built with industry standard general purpose programming language (C++) and a binary instruction format for stack-based virtual machines (WebAssembly). These modern technologies enable state-of-the-art transaction speeds.
  • Simple Trading: a simple portfolio management interface is provided for traders. ¬†Users are aligned with their target market. Users don’t have to manage multiple trading accounts with time sensitive operations.
  • Diversity: diversity is essential for lowering risk when trading stocks, crypto-currencies, commodities, and digital assets. Users can spread out their invested capital across various markets to diversify their portfolios.
  • Social Features: Users can create profiles, post media ¬†content, and interact with other users on the exchange platform. Trading assets is intuitive, and allows users to copy trade, mirror trade, and build people based portfolios.
  • User Support: TundraX user support provides a live chat experience. The TundraX Token Curated Registry Customer service model provides support at all levels of the trading experience. This helps advanced traders who need help writing code for trading bots, and beginners who need help navigating the site or putting together their first portfolio.
  • Transparency: User profiles contain a transparent outline of their portfolio holdings, pre-calculated risk assessment rating, and statistical record.
  • Security: Falling victim to a brute force attack is always a possibility as the processing power of commodity computing systems continues to improve. TundraX uses state-of-the-art commercially available cryptographic and hashing methods to achieve the smallest possible brute force attack surface. That includes the use of proven key management techniques.


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