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A Platform & Protocol for Peer-to-Peer Freelance Work.

The first fully transparent marketplace powered by smart contracts

Real identity makes all the difference.

Today’s freelance platforms charge high fees and hide people’s identities. That’s terrible for buyers, who can’t check people’s backgrounds out, look at their portfolios, examine their outside references. Workcoin changes that with 100% transparency and ZERO Comissions.

Built around search, not categories.

Our platform is built around the idea of hashtags and search, not fixed categories of service. That means it works in every language, and for specific skills like #ethereum #smartcontracts #auditor.

Native Mobile from the Start

Other than wallets, there are virtually no other blockchain apps in any of the app stores. We’ve taken a different approach and architected our app for iOS and Android (as well as web) from the very start.

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